Sunday, January 01, 2006

RR's and Exchanges

I started my new rotation today. On Sundays I will be working on exchanges, RR's, and finishings. I haven't stitched on anything today (yet!) I did look at my patterns and I found one for Melissa's birthday. I went and dug around in my stash and I have everything I need to start on it. So I will probably do some stitching on it later tonight. It is a big relief now that I have something picked out to stitch.

Now, I have to choose something for the Lottery exchange! I already have a design in mind (still looking at designs) but I am not for sure on the finishing. I was tossing around the idea of a wall hanging or a pillow tuck. I still have some time to decide.

I managed to get my craft corner straightened up a little today. Actually most of it wasn't even my stuff! Since my craft table is in our room it becomes a catch all for everything! While I was organizing everything I was able to take a quick inventory of stuff that I am running low on. Now I have a good reason to go the LNS later this week!


Lelia said...

Your stitching rotation sounds good. It is such a bummer to waste stitching time 'straightening up' lol. Happy new Year Dawn

Sasha Farina said...

what better excuse to go to the LNS eh? :) Can't wait to share your happy dance!