Saturday, January 28, 2006

Last night I stitched on Herbs & Spices. I managed to finish the basil, start and finish the oregano, and start on saffron. I really like how it is turning out! Tonight I will be working on Nicki's RR piece. Her theme is the Bent Creek Arches. I will be stitching the Winter Arches for her. Next to autumn, winter is my second favorite time of the year. I know I am strange but I love snow and the cold season!

Tomorrow I will start looking at my patterns to find one to stitch for Cathymk's birthday for the birthday exchange. Her birthday isn't till March so that gives me a little time to find something.

I haven't stitched anything yet today because it has been a busy day for me. I somehow got volunteered to help my friend out with her yard sale. She will be moving in a couple of weeks and is trying to get rid of most of her stuff. She actually did pretty well. She made between 300-400 dollars today! She is having one again next week and now my kids want to go thru their stuff and try to see if they can make some money next weekend.

I did get some really great news today. Renee called to let me know that she and her mom will be here Monday evening! Whoo-hoo!! I am so excited. I feel like a 6 yr old on Christmas Eve laying in bed trying to go to sleep. LOL Since they will be here a week I probably won't be posting much next week. I am not for sure how much stitching I will get done either.

Carol-the fabric I used for Deepest Love is some 28 count evenweave that I dyed myself. I really like how it turned out. When I dyed it I already had the pattern picked out so I think that is why I like it so much. It pretty much turned out how I pictured it in my head, which doesn't happen very often!


Anne S said...

How exciting for you catching up with Renee - I know how that feels, as my best buddy is back in NZ, and even when I lived there we were at opposite ends of the country ... catching up after such a long time is always special :) Have a great time ... and your Herbs & Spices piece is rocketing alone! :)

Von said...

Herbs and Spices is looking great, Dawn! And I can't wait to hear about Renee's visit - I know you guys will have a blast :)

BeckySC said...

It's looking great, Dawn :)

Have a Wonderful time with Renee :)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on this one Dawn. It is so pretty.

Hope you have a wonderful time with Renee!!

Sasha Farina said...

you're making great progress!! WTG!

Unknown said...

What beautiful progress you've made over the weekend. I love the colors in Herbs and Spices.