Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday SAL

Today was my SAL with Renee. :) My ending result for the day is my little witch has a cute hat!

I'm sorry for such a short post but it was pretty boring around here today.

Have a great night!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Fairy

Yesterday I started a new design. :) I bought this chart sometime back and I decided it was time to stitch it up. It is called Bumble Fairy from Jeanette Crew Designs. I'm stitching it 2 over 2 on some 32 count linen. It feels great to stitch over 2! I can only handle so much over 1 stitching before I go crazy.

It is hard to believe that Megan turned 8 months old a few days ago. Pretty soon we will have to start planning for her 1st birthday. She is growing so fast..okay maybe not her hair! I can't wait till her hair gets long enough that I can put something other than a headband to let people know she is a girl. Now matter how much girly pink things I put on her I still get asked if she is a boy or a girl.

She has finally started saying her first word(s).....Da-da and Num-Num. She definitely thinks Num-Num means food! If she sees you with food she immediately sticks her tongue out and says "Num-Num".....this of course if followed by the shrillest scream you have ever heard if you don't share with her! I swear this child has an opera voice! She also knows what Da-Da means because soon as Mike gets home from work that is all she says until he comes to play with her. Megan is working on is usually only heard when she is extremely upset or frustrated and we were blessed with a really happy baby so I haven't heard it a lot.....yet.

The older ones are loving be on Summer Break and I have to say I am, too. I love not having to rush around in the mornings to get everyone out the door. Krissy is keeping up her running this summer. She has been talking about trying out for Cross Country this fall. We will see, it all depends on if she can maintain her grades. I am a firm believer that they have to maintain at least a C for any of the kids to participate in extra circular activities. That includes the progress reports. Krissy and Allie are both on Honor Roll so I really don't have to worry about them.....Mac on the other hand barely holds on to the C's he gets. I know C's aren't bad but I know he is capable of so much more and so does his teachers.

I am off to go stitch some more on Bumble Fairy.:) Have a great night!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Box of Floss

I am really beginning to love the end of the week 'cause it means garage sales!! Today's treasure was found for a mere $5.00. :) Look at how much floss there is and the container came with it!! They are all full skeins of floss none of it is tangled together.

I'm not sure on what to stitch on next. I need to work on QS Fairy Tales but because I am doing it over one it seems like I am not making any progress at the moment. Then again, if I don't work on it then there definitely won't be any progress. Oh well, I am sure I can find something to stitch.:)

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chocolate Everyday

I didn't think I was going to be able to finish this cute design today but I managed to put the final stitches in about an hour ago. I really love this one!

Chocolate Everyday
Design by Sandra Cozzolino
(freebie can be found here)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm sorry but I have don't have anything stitchey to show tonight. I have been working on a freebie that will be made into an ornament. I should have it finished tomorrow, of course, this depends on if I am able to make a DMC run early in the day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

More Too Cute

Yesterday was my SAL with Renee on Too cute but since Renee was off celebrating her birthday she hasn't worked on it yet. I originally hadn't planned on working on Too Cute but I decided to go ahead and catch up with Renee.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update on QS Fairy Tales

I have been stitching on QS Fairy Tales this week when I have gotten a chance to sit more than 5 minutes. I actually thought I might get some good stitching in this week as it was the kids last week of school. Nope between the older 3 they kept me running all around. Here is where I started at earlier this week....

and here I am after watching NCIS for most of the day.

I would love to say it has been a quiet day but my son decided that wasn't in the plans for today. He had a "small" bike wreck. He really did a number on himself! He got his knee, hip, elbow, and forehead. I think it would have been easier just to wrap him up like a mummy than to put all the bandages on his wounds. It doesn't look like he broke anything.....cause he ran like a madman as soon as I pulled out the hydrogen peroxide. All was made better because his dad treated him to a treat off the ice cream truck which Mac was sweet enough to share with Megan.

Hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat calmer!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Herbs & Spices

I had grand plans of sitting on my butt and stitching today until my Mom asked if I wanted to come with her to some garage sales. How could I resist that temptation?! So I happily went with her.:) Have I said lately that I LOVE garage sales? LOL Today I came across 2 frames, over 10 (yes I said 10) yards of Christmas fabric, and a Better Homes and Garden Sewing book. My grand total was.....$3.00!!

As you can guess I spent most of the day working on framing some of my older works. :)

Herbs & Spices

From Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Sept/Oct 1993

finished in 2006

The Fortunate Traveler

The Fortunate Traveler

design by Teresa Wentzler

story by Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams)

finished 2006



by Teresa Wentzler

finished 2007

Summer's Magic

Summer's Magic
by Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams)
SAL with Renee
Finished 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am going to quit saying that I am going to work on things because every time I say I'm going to it ends up not being true! I did get to work on QS Fairy Tales but I only put in about 100 stitches. In a HAED we all know that isn't much progress! However, I do have a little something to show you today.:)

Awhile ago Chiara had a drawing for some blog candy and I was the lucky winner!! If you know anything about me, it is that I don't have very good luck so I was completely thrilled to find out I had one. Now that it arrived late yesterday afternoon I was even more thrilled with it when I saw it up close!

She made these bears for her daughter, Giulia's baptism. Isn't he just the cutest thing?! I absolutely adore him!! Thank you so much, Chiara!! He will always be treasured.:)

I hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Witch with Hair

I didn't get as much stitched on my Too Cute SAL with Renee yesterday as I hoped but it was all my fault. One word. Facebook. It is highly addicting!

I am going to try real hard and enjoy this week. It is the last week of school for the kids. By this time next week I won't be able to do anything without having a kid up my you know what every time I turn around. I am so not ready for this! I love my kids to death but they can make even the sanest person turn crazy. Especially my son. He is 11 years old....need I say more?

Today I am going to attempt to work on QS Fairy Tales from HAED. I haven't worked on her in more than a month so I figure it is about time I put some stitches in her.

Have a great day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Leisurely Stroll

My dream of stitching and watching NCIS didn't come true today because some little munchkin wouldn't let me sit down! So instead of being lazy Allie, Megan, and I packed up the stroller and took a long, long walk today. We had a pretty good time as I let Allie use my camera and take pictures of our stroll. Most of the pictures were of us being totally goofy (like sticking our tongues out at each other) but Allie did take a few really good ones. She is a much better photographer than me. :) Anyways, here is an awesome picture of Megan she took.

My stitching plans for tomorrow is to work on Too Cute SAL with Renee. :) After that I am not to sure what I will stitch on. Of course, this is assuming I will get to sit down and

Friday, May 15, 2009

Deck the Halls

Today I worked on finishing the stitching on this cute little design. It was a freebie that I got from Gloria and Pat a few years ago. I have been meaning to stitch it since I got it but somehow I kept putting it aside for other goodies. I plan on making this one into an ornament for Christmas which brings my total up to 2 ornaments this year. Only 17 more to go!

Deck the Halls
from Gloria and Pat

Just as I predicted earlier this week, another child was sick today. This time it was Krissy. She may be the eldest but when it comes to her not feeling good, she tends to be the worst one being sick! I love her to death, but she sure can be a whiny butt. She gets that from her Dad!! I should be thankful that they both are not sick at once because that is really bad....were talking pulling my hair out

I am not exactly sure what we are doing this weekend. Ideally, I would like to plant my butt on the couch and stitch while listening/watching season 3 of NCIS but I'm not going to hold my breath on that happening. It's a nice dream.:)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Productive Day

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my last post. I am feeling much better today. :)

One of the benefits of moving back here is....garage sales!! I love them! My Mom and I were shopping today when we saw a garage sale and neither one of us could pass it by. It was a good thing we didn't because I found several (I think a total of 5) unused frames. All of them cost me a whole two dollars.:) We also found a nice comforter, 2 shirts for Mac, a shirt for Krissy, a hooded sweatshirt for Allie, a computer game for Mike, and 2 big dolls for Megan. All of the items(including the frames) cost a grand total of $8.50! Gotta love that savings! :)

With my new acquired frames I happily dove into my WTF pile to see what I could frame. Here are my results from this afternoon.:)

Above the Clouds
by Teresa Wentzler

Kindness is the Greatest Gift
by X's and Oh's
I hope everyone is having a great evening!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Day

Today was just one of those days that seem to never end. It was raining today and normally those are my best stitching days but not today. It started off with me reading a blog I shouldn't have read. It was about a preemie baby who lost her battle last evening. That of course, stirred up emotions in me about my sweet Morgan which I had thought I had buried deep down. I am not a cryer (is that even a word?) but damn it, the tears just started pouring down my cheeks.

I really try to keep my chin up because I know I am blessed that we didn't lose Megan but I still question myself if it was something I did or didn't do right. I know in my mind that I didn't do anything wrong but that doesn't take the pain away in my heart. I also know people try to ease my pain by saying "It just wasn't meant to be" but that doesn't make it easier. It just makes me want to know "Why me" even more.

Anyways......that is the reason I didn't get a lot of stitching done today. I started a freebie from Pat & Gloria yesterday. I haven't gotten real far on it so the picture kind of looks funny but it is progress.

Only 8 more days till the kids are on Summer Break....Help! LOL

Bronny is having a giveaway on her blog. Check it out!!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Faceless Witch

Yesterday was my SAL day with Renee and so here was my progress for the day. :)

Today I will be working on stitching up another ornament for Christmas. I miscounted earlier this year and thought I only needed to do 13 but instead I need to do a total of 19. Of course, I still have other ones I want to stitch and give as gifts.. I haven't even started on Mike's stocking that needs to be done this year either! I have a feeling I will be scrambling at the end of the year to get things done.

I'm not sure how much stitching I will get done as Mac and Megan both aren't feeling well today. Which mean I have to very cranky kids on my hands today. Megan has started teething and she isn't liking it at all. Mac developed a cold over the weekend and woke up running a fever this morning. Before the end of the week I bet the other 2 will be feeling sick also. The one thing you can guarantee with kids is that if one gets sick the others will come down with it soon.

Chiloe-The teddy bear ornament is from Ellen Maurer-Stroh. It is a freebie from the EMS Cross Stitch Board.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It was a fairly quite day yesterday so I continued to thin out my WTF pile. I finished this little bear into an ornament. I had a little problem with attaching the cord. When I was finished whip stitching it together I realized I had the cord off centered....too much to let it slide. So, I ended up whip stitching this one together twice. grrr!

The date isn't exactly centered either but it wasn't real bad so I left it alone.

I want to wish all the mother's out there a Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Finished Finish

Since I had a happy dance yesterday I figured I might as well keep up the momentum by digging in the WTF (waiting to finish) pile and work on one of those pieces. This needleroll (scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page)that I finished the stitching on last year caught my eye. I used the ribbon that came with the kit but I think I might replace it with some purple ribbon. That will have to wait as I don't have any purple ribbon right now. Hmmm....sounds like a good excuse to go stash

Febuary Needleroll
From The Victoria Sampler
Stitched November 2008
Finished April 2009

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Friday, May 08, 2009

VCE Finished

Grab you dancing shoes because that is what is happening here today! Whoo-hoo!!

Victorian Christmas Eve
by Nora Corbett
From Cross-Stitch and Needlework January 2008
Started April 16, 2009
Finished May 7, 2009

I really enjoyed stitch this design! The only part that I didn't care for was stitching with the Wisper white thread. If I was to ever stitch her again I would just use plain old regular white DMC.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

On to the Beading

Last evening I put the final stitches in VCE. :) Now I get to do the beading part. I have said before that I am not overly fond of beading but I love the effect it has on the design. The actually beading part isn't so much the problem as I have a tendency to spill the beads. I HATE when I do that!

Allie came home from school with some good news yesterday. She made student of the month at her school....even only being there a month. She deserves it because she is a really good kid. She makes straight A's in all of her classes and seldom misses school. I actually have problems keeping her home when she is sick. She does get in to a little trouble sometimes in class for talking but that is because she always finishes her work before class is over. Congratulations to you, Allie!

I want to thank everyone for their comments on Megan's rolling over. Later when Daddy got home she had to show off by rolling from her back to her tummy and then rolled from her tummy to her back. :) It is amazing how quickly she mastered that skill because yesterday she was ALL over the floor. Her true age is 7 months but her preemie age is 5 months and 1 week so she is actually on target for rolling. When they are born early you have to subtract how premature she was from her real age to get an idea if they are delayed or not. Sometimes it gets confusing and I have been down this road before.

I am off to start the beading on VCE. Hopefully in the next day or two I will have a happy dance to show you. :)

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

She Did It!!!

Bribery works! :) Megan has been so close to rolling over for the past week but today she finally did it today!! At first she was playing with her bottle (she finally can hold it when it is empty so that is her current fascination) until she discovered Mommy bought her a new pair of shoes.

Who wants a bottle when a new pair of shoes are in sight!

So I doubled the temptation with putting the bottle near the shoes. :)

Which one do I choose? Looks are deceiving, she actually did grab the shoes first. Yep, she is all is all about the

Monday, May 04, 2009

So Very Close

I am so close to having VCE finished that I am almost willing to go without sleep to finish her! Notice I said Oh, how I yearn for the days when I could survive on just a few hours of sleep. That isn't the case anymore! I admit I tend to be quite crabby when I don't get enough sleep...actually it doesn't bother me, it is the people that I have to be around that it bothers.

Have a great night!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

SAL Sunday

My grand plan for today was to sit on my butt and stitch my little heart out while watching season one of NCIS. I didn't get to stitch as much as I wanted because I was interuppted by a call from the in-laws. Let's just say the phone call was less than a minute but that was long enough for them to get under my skin....enough so that I had to set my stitching aside for a bit in order to prevent the frogs from showing up. Anyways here is my progress for today's SAL with Renee.

I worked on VCE yesterday and I am planning to work on her some more tonight. I should have a good progress picture tomorrow. I am hoping to have all the stitching done on her sometime this week. Of course, then there is the beading to tackle. I love the effect beading has on a piece but I'm not too fond of the actually beading itself! This piece only requires 2 different colors of beads so maybe it won't be too painful.

Friday, May 01, 2009

May Goals

I want to thank everyone who left a comment on yesterday's post. It is nice to know that I am not the only over protective parent. :) Krissy felt much better today so she went returned to school today. However around 10:30 AM when the phone rang and I saw it was her school I was a little worried but it turned out that all she needed was her track uniform brought to her. Apparently her track meet was today and not yesterday but her coach went ahead and let her participate in the meet today even though she didn't come to practice for 2 days. She did fine but in her last event she took a tumble but got right up and finished the race. She has a line of bruises from her shoulder down to her knees. I can honestly say I remember those days all too well!

I started working on some crochet yesterday but I quickly lost interest in it. I shouldn't really say I lost interest but it was more my hands started cramping up. The pattern I chose to work requires using 3 strands of yarn at once. I guess this rug might take a bit longer than I had thought!

I worked on VCE today and I am happy to report that I am finished the ribbon and leaves tonight. :) Tomorrow I will start on finishing the girl.

It is hard to believe it is May already!

April Goals

1. Stitch page 4 on QS Fairy Tales~Nope, didn't even touch it this month
2. Stitch/Finish 2 Christmas ornaments (need to stitch a total of 13 this year)~I only got one done this month
3. Finish Megan's sampler~YES!
4. Start SAL with Renee~YES!
5. Find a new large piece to start~YES!
6. Find some me time!~Not really

I guess I didn't do so well with meeting my goals this month.:(

May Goals

1. Stitch on QS Fairy Tales
2. Stitch/Finish Christmas ornaments
3. Work on Too Cute with Renee
4. Finish Victorian Christmas Eve
5. Start a new large piece
6. Work on Crochet rug
7. Start sewing Megan summer clothes
8. Prepare myself for the kids Summer Vacation (last day of school is May not ready for that!)

Here is a cute picture Mike took of Megan and I (well not so much of me) blogging yesterday.....she is definitely a future

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!