Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Not So Productive Week

I have to say as far as stitching goes this week I didn't get a lot accomplished. On the bright side I did finish my present for Melissa in the birthday exchange. Whoo-hoo!! I finished in a way that I have never tried before so it took me longer than normal. I am happy with how it turned out.

Since I finally have that finished I will be working on Cathy's RR later today. I am hoping to have it finished when Renee comes for a visit so I can hand it to her in person rather than mail it. Cathy's theme is the Autumnology Triology. I really like this pattern. Maybe it has something to do with autumn being my favorite season. I will be stitching the leaves square. I think that is appropriate for me since I love to see the leaves change colors.

As for other news, I got a bad scare yesterday with my computer. My computer threw a major fit yesterday and wouldn't work for me. I am not good with computers so I had to wait until Mike got home. That was even worse because he had no clue what was wrong with it either. That left me with just one option my brother! I lucked out and he was able to tell Mike over the phone what was wrong and how to fix it. Whew that was a close call! So now my computer is working fine and I am happy. The saying "If mom isn't happy nobody is happy" definitely applies to my household.


BeckySC said...

Never a truer saying :) :) :)
Glad it was nothing major that took you away from us :)

Sasha Farina said...

LOL... very true over here too. If mommy is upset.. everyone will be upset LMAO!

Von said...

Dawn, so glad your 'puter is working properly again!! My DH has decided mine is truly dead and either I'll be getting a new one, or (more budget friendly) he'll get a new one for the business and I'll get his old one. Either way :)