Thursday, July 31, 2008

RR and SAL

I decided yesterday that I had to finish the chair on the RR before I could pull out anything else. I am happy to say that I did finish the chair and even finished the candles that go around it. :) Now, all I have left to stitch is the snow on the ground and the wreath that hangs on the chair.

I did start on Winter Fun on Ice but not I didn't get much stitched on it last night. I am planning on working on it today so hopefully I can make some good progress on it.

I keep forgetting to post my picture of my progress from Sunday on Summer's Magic SAL with Renee. This week the baby dragon will get his head! :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost A Chair

It was another pretty quiet day for me to stitch. I almost have the chair all stitched.:) I have to admit that not being able to back stitch as I go along frustrates me. I don't know why either! I used to save all the back stitching to the very end and it didn't bother me then. It's funny how my stitching habits changed without me realizing it.

I probably will work a little bit more on the chair today but I have a real itch to start something new. I just so happen to have Winter Fun on Ice (baby stocking) all ready to go. :)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Winter Chair

I have been quietly stitching on the winter chair square for Chris H's RR. I am actually a bit further than this but I was too lazy to take a picture last night.

I plan to work some more on it tonight but I am not sure how much further I will get. I ran out of the floss needed for the back stitching (DMC 3371) and don't you know Hobby Lobby was completely out of that color! I even tried the "stuffy" LNS in my town but I was astonished to learn they did not carry ANY DMC floss. I didn't get to stop and check at my regular LNS because she doesn't open till noon (it was 10:30 AM). I am not getting my hopes up because she doesn't carry a lot of DMC floss in her shop.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Dr. H put me on some acid reflux medicine for the heartburn I am having and I am happy to say after 24 hours I can already tell that it is helping.:) We were hoping that would help my morning sickness but that area still isn't improving. He does have some medicine he wants me to try for morning sickness but I am not sure yet. I never took anything for the other 3 and basically just dealt with it but this time I don't think I will be able to just "deal with it". I will discuss this more with him when I go back in on Monday for a check up.

Other than that, there isn't a lot going on around here this week. I hope your week is more exciting! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Unicorn

As I promised here is a progress picture of Unicorn. I have all of the unicorn finished on page 1.:) I started on the floral wreath but it is a slow moving area. The pattern isn't clear at all on what colors go where so I am playing a guessing game and hoping I get it right.

Today I had my 24 week check up and I am pleased to say everything seems to be going fine so far. :) Dr. H seems to be fairly nice and not to hard on the eyes! He did modify my bed rest so that I can get up and walk around but I am not to do any housework or shopping. He told me the average twin delivery usually happens around 36 weeks but he did say he would be highly surprised if I make it to 36 weeks. For now, we are just focusing on each week one at a time.

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Second Quilt Done

It has been a pretty quiet around here today. The kids weren't even bickering with one another! This left me nothing to do but finish Baby B's quilt (finally!)

Even with both quilts side by side, it is still hard to imagine bringing home 2 newborn babies!!

After I finished the quilt, I decided to do some cross stitching. I have been working on Unicorn this evening.:) It has been a long time since I worked on this one so look forward to a progress picture in the next day or two.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe how quick this week flew by! I guess that is what happens when you are having fun.:) We had a fantastic visit with my Mom while she was here. She brought me some wonderful gifts. This first afghan was made in the 1960's by my great-grandma. My mom used to have it on her bed when she was growing up and decided to pass it on to me. I am currently snuggled up under it. :)

This next afghan was made by my mom for one of the babies. Actually, she had it finished before we found out we were having twins. I really love the colors she used! Thank you, Mommy:)

Of course, Grandma didn't forget about the grandkids either! She spoiled all of them rotten, even the ones that aren't here yet.

As for my crafts, I didn't touch one needle, crochet hook, or the sewing machine all week long. I honestly can say I would trade any amount of craft time to spend with my family and friends I don't get to see often!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Stitching

I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week but I haven't felt the best and when that happens there isn't much to talk about. It's nothing serious just the normal backaches, heartburn, and in general just can't get comfortable. This has had a direct impact on my stitching. It is sad to say but I haven't picked a needle up since Tuesday!

I don't foresee too much stitching next week either since my Mom will be arriving here on Monday morning. :) I don't know who is more excited me or the kids! Mac has had a countdown going all week long and every morning he keeps telling me X days till Grandma get here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spring Kitty Paw

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty quiet day. I decided I wanted to stitch something quick and easy. I picked out this freebie from Stitchy Kitty called Spring Kitty Paw. I am not sure how I want to finish this one.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I've Been Stitching

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Friday night I decided since I couldn't work on MAM I would work on Topaz Fairie instead.:) I finished one of her four wings. I am still missing one Kreinik and the beads but I will work on what I can. As for her wings, I have to say I am not impressed with the colors. I think they are blah looking.

Saturday I did get my flosses needed for Mine All Mine but after talking with Renee, we decided that it would work better this week for us to work on Summer's Magic on Saturday. After I put that away I pulled out Mine All Mine and worked on it for a little bit that night.

I was hoping to finish MAM on Sunday but I just couldn't get motivate to stitch. So today, I decided I was not going to put Mine All Mine down until it was finished. Which I am happy to say I did finish this afternoon.:) Mac is thrilled that I am done and is ready to go fabric hunting!

I was a little unhappy to see some of the red color bled on the fabric. I put a little bit of Shout on it and hopefully it will come out. If not, Mac is still happy with it and that is all that matters.:)

Jenn asked who I will be stitching the next stocking for and it will be for one of the babies. I actually have both of their stocking picked out to stitch. I won't be stitching identical ones for them but the pattern themes are similar.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost Done

I have been working on Mine All Mine when I haven't been sleeping. I can't believe how tired I am even on bed rest! Anyways, I have worked on MAM I can at least until tomorrow when Mike and Allie make a floss run for me. I am hoping to be able to finish him this weekend.:)

The next stocking I will start is called Winter Fun on Ice by Linda Gillum.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Allie's Quilt

I have been working on Allie's quilt the past two days. I got all the squares cut out and sewn together. I was working on sewing the strips together until I ran out of sewing thread last night.

I am doing a better job on this with lining all the seams up on this one! :)

I did get some great news this week. My mom will be coming for a visit in a little less than 2 weeks! The kids are beyond thrilled about the visit. They are so excited that ALL 3 of them cleaned their rooms without having to be asked or told! I'm not talking shove things under the bed clean or crammed into the closet either. You can actually see the floor and open the closet without fear of something attacking you when you open the door. :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Progress

With Mike having a 3 day weekend that meant I could close my bedroom door and ignore the world.:) On Friday and Saturday I worked on Mine All Mine. I ran out of a couple of more colors but I am working around them right now. Mac is so excited that I am almost done with the stitching.:)

Sunday I worked on Baby B's quilt. It is "this close" to being finished. I ran out of the satin binding I am using on the edges so I am only one side away from finishing it. After I put the quilt away, I picked up Summer's Magic. I only stitched on it for about 90 minutes but progress is progress!:)

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Harvest Witch

As of this evening, Renee and I finished our Harvest Witch SAL. :) On my piece, I decided not to stitch the web because my fabric was too light and it didn't show at all. I also didn't add the buttons. I bought some that matched closely to what was called for but after laying them on the fabric I decided that I didn't like how it looked. However, I love how the witch turned out!

The next piece we will be working on is Summer's Magic by Dragon Dreams. You might remember we started this piece back in May while waiting on threads to arrive. Here is where I am right now.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mine All Mine Update

Finally, a progress picture of Mine All Mine! I ran out of DMC 400 so there are a few blank areas that still need to be stitched.

We don't have any big plans for this holiday weekend. Mike and the kids will probably light off some fireworks while I wait inside with the first aid kit. Krissy has a babysitting job for tomorrow and Saturday so she will be happy earning some extra money.

Last night Mike got to feel the babies kick for the first time. :) I can already see individual personalities emerging. Baby A (top baby and the higher heartbeat!) is definitely the mover of the two! Baby B (bottom baby) seems to be the calmer of the two so far. As far as names for the girls, we still haven't agreed on anything...yet. LOL It is hard coming up with one name let alone 2 names!

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

June/July Goals

June Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie. No
2. Work on Egyptian Sampler. (I am really hoping to finish this one in June!) Yes!!!
3. Work on Harvest Witch. (Another one I am hoping to finish this month.) Yes a little
4. Work on Summer's Magic. No
5. Work on Tour des Marques. No
6. Work on Unicorn. No
7. Purchase fabric for Mine All Mine. Yes! and started stitching on it.
8. Work on the little one's blanket. Yes! Finished the afghan
9. Keep kids from driving me crazy when summer vacation starts. So far so good. :)

* I did finish one baby quilt this month.
* I started the 2nd quilt this month.

July Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie.
2. Work on Unicorn
3. Work on SAL Summer's Magic with Renee.
4. Work on Mine All Mine.
5. Work on Chris's RR.
6. Work on Baby B's quilt.
7. Start Baby B's afghan.
8. Start Baby A's Christmas stocking.
9. Start on Allie's quilt.

Cathy asked me why the doctor didn't suspect twins before the ultrasound. Actually, I asked this very question, too!! I was told since I had no history of twins, my weight gain had been minimal, and my fundal height wasn't large that when they found one heartbeat that they basically ASSumed that there was only one baby. In a way, I am glad that I found out later in my pregnancy because the doctor would have put me on bed rest right away after finding out about twins. As for the length of my cervix, I am still waiting to hear the results. When I asked about it he couldn't find the report in my file so I may end up having to go back for another ultrasound. These little mishaps are a part of why I am switching doctors.

As for stitching, I am still working on Mine All Mine. I almost have the dragon's head finished. Sorry for the lack of progress pictures on this piece but I can't iron my pieces from bed. :(

Have a great day!