Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Allie!!

I worked on Deepest Love yesterday. I really love the colors in this pattern. Today I will be working on Herbs & Spices. I should get a lot of stitching time in today as yesterday I managed to pull a muscle in the back of my knee last night. I don't know how I did it either! It still hurts to walk or put any pressure on the knee so I am going to keep off of it as much as I can today. I have always had problems with my knee since I was in a bad car wreck when I was 12. Thank you, Miss Drunk Driver! (note the sarcasm)

Today is Allie's birthday. She was up at 5 am this morning bouncing off the walls! It is going to be a long day. She has invited a couple of friends to spend the night with her. Hopefully, I can keep Mac from bugging them too much. She has asked me to wait on baking the cupcakes as she wants to help. Which means my kitchen will be a disaster with three little girls helping me out!

Happy Birthday Allie-Cat!


Von said...

How well I know the feeling of dread at the clean up required after baking with children!! Oh well, one day all that time will pay off. My oldest daughter, married w/2 boys, said to me the other day that she just can't get started baking or starting dinner until her counters are cleaned and sink is empty :) Some of my nagging paid off!

Running Kiwi said...

Happy Birthday Allie! Hope you have a great day and Mum survives ;)

Those colours of Deepest Love really are pretty!

Sasha Farina said...

Happy Birthday Allie.. I hope I'm not too late ;)

Dawn.. make them help you clean up LOL.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful shading!

Happy Birthday Allie!

Litla Skvís said...

The colors are wonderful!

Anne S said...

Hope you survived the birthday mess ;) and that Allie had a wonderful day.