Thursday, December 24, 2009

A White Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go.....

That pretty much sums it up for me today. :) As I type we are in the middle of a blizzard warning. If the forecaster are correct by the time the storm ends we will have anywhere from 12-18 inches of fresh snow. Yep, I am getting a white Christmas. This will be the first one for me in at least 17 years!! You guessed it.....I am excited!

This snow storm put a little damper on visiting my family which saddens me as this would have been the first Christmas I had celebrated with my mom and brother in close to 20 years. *sigh* Guess I couldn't have it all this year. However, my mom thought ahead and sent the kids presents over here earlier this week so that they would at least have their presents from her on Christmas Day.

I wish I had more to blog about but I don't and I still have a few presents left to wrap so I had better get to wrapping so I can head off to bed....cuz I KNOW (for a fact!) the kiddos will be up and ready to open gifts early in the morning!e

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Stocking This Year

I had really hoped to have this stocking done this year but it looks like that is not going to happen this year. I can't say it isn't because I haven't had time to stitch it because in reality I could have had it done. I can blame it all on not having any mojo for this design anymore. However, one of my New Year's resolutions is to get this one finished ASAP....mainly just to get it out of my hair! So it looks like I will be stitching on this one for the rest of the year or at least till New Year's Day.

On New Year's Day I plan to start a new piece. :) I am planning on starting Home of a Needleworker from LHN. I can't wait to start it! What is your New Year's new start?

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gentle Encounter Finished

Look! I have a finish! Not too bad for a month's worth of stitching. :)

Gentle Encounter
Stoney Creek Magazine Nov/Dec 1991
Start Date: November 15, 2009
Finish Date: December 16, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow and Stitching

Yesterday was a perfect day for me to stitch! We had snow flurries start around noon and continued throughout the night. :) While we only got about 1 1/2 inches of snow it was still enough for me to enjoy it. However, tonight it is supposed to start snowing again with the threat of lots more snow. :) If we are lucky it will be enough to call off school tomorrow. That is bad isn't it....I look forward to snow days more than the kids. lol

The whole day wasn't totally devoted to stitching as I took Megan out for a little bit to see her reaction to the falling snow. She wasn't too sure about it but at least she wasn't scared of it. Now, Allie and I had fun chasing each other around and throwing snow onto one another. Yep, I am a big kid when it comes to snow. :)

Anyways, here is my result from being curled up on the couch stitching away on Gentle Encounter. I am just a little over halfway done and hopefully I will have a finish soon!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

First Byline

I'm so proud of Allie!! Her very first printed byline in a newspaper! Okay so it was just her high school newspaper but every good journalist has to start somewhere. :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Holiday Stitching

I hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving had a good day! We had a pretty good day. Ate way too much but it was good. We spent the morning/lunch with my mom and step dad. Sadly my brother wasn't able to come as he was sick and with mom just being released from the hospital nobody thought it would be a good idea for him to come and give her his yucky germs.
Then we spent the afternoon/supper with Mike's dad and step mom. I can say by the end of the day I had probably put on at least 10 pounds! LOL. Oh well, isn't that what New Year's resolutions are for?

Nothing real exciting has been going on around here lately. Pretty much my days are spent chasing Megan around the house/yard and taxing the older 3 kids to and from school and activities. It was pretty nice over the Thanksgiving holiday not having to take them and pick them up from school but now it is back to the same least for a couple of weeks until Christmas break. :)

I did manage to get some stitching done over the holiday break. I worked on Gentle Encounter and at least got her head done. I am hoping tonight I might be able to finish the snow on the tree limbs to the right of her.

Before I go I just had to share this cute picture of my little Eskimo baby. :) We are officially ready to go out and play in the snow. Now, where is the snow?

Have a great day!