Monday, December 19, 2005

Thank You, Jenna!

See what the postal lady brought me today in the mail :D

This is an ornament from Jenna. I was one of the lucky recipients of her wonderful ornaments. I love it! Mike was joking with me and told me I was going to have to buy another tree just for my ornaments. It isn't a bad idea but I don't have the room or patience with my cats to deal with two trees!

Jenna-You really did an excellent job with this ornament. I will always treasure it! Thank you a million times. :)

I finished up the last of my ornaments last night. Actually I have had these stitched for awhile but I was waiting on the exact color of Kreinik to arrive. As my luck runs, the Kreinik still isn't in so I used what I had closest to the color given. They didn't turn out too bad. I am to lazy to post a picture of them tonight but you can use the J.L. Aikman-Smith Ornies link to the left to see them.

I have pretty much finished all of my stitching for 2005. I didn't do too bad this year. I didn't get as many large pieces done as I would have liked but that is why I am trying a new rotation. I did get a lot of small pieces done and even got some of them finished. I will be ending the year with 1 UFO (Collecting Shells), 2 WIP(ABC Bears and Fortunate Traveler, and way too many to count WTF's. Overall not too bad but I do need to work on the WTF pile more in 2006!


Von said...

Lucky girl!! It's a beautiful ornament!
I think another tree to show off all the wonderful stitched ornies will be wondrous :)

Anne S said...

I love the idea of a tree just for stitched ornaments. And I think you've managed to finish quite a few projects this year - well, at least since I've been reading your blog anyway ;) Hopefully 2006 will see more of those WTF out the door (well, out the drawers anyway!) :))

Unknown said...

What a beautiful gift! And I love the way you finished the fringed ornament. I made one similare to that many years ago that I love.

Anonymous said...

How do you become a part of the exchange? I'm a cross stitcher and crocheter and just general crafter. I have a website, but not one set up for the crafting stuff yet. I'm also an amateur photographer.

I love your work and read all the stitching websites.


BeckySC said...
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BeckySC said...

Congrats on your ornie win, Dawn :)
Enjoy it :)

I think your list for 2005 is a nice accomplishment :)