Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005 Recap of Finishes

Here is my list for the year:

Gingerbread Boy (scissor pocket) gift
Boo (tuck pillow) gift
Checkers (treat bag) gift
Christmas Spider(ornament) gift
Snow White (pillow) gift
November Cherub (framed) Kept this one for me!
Unicorn (ornament) My ornament
Insects (floor pillow) Mac pillow
International Buffet (WTF)
Season Greetings (cube) gift
Giant (ornament)gift
Pegasus (ornament) Krissy Ornament
Snowman (pillow tuck) gift
Dragon (ornament) Mike Ornament
Let There Be Light (door hanger) gift
Christmas Tree (ornament) gift
Mermaid (ornament) Allie Ornament
Dove (ornament) Kept this one for me!
Halo, and Merry Christmas (wall hanging) Kept this one for me!
Cats in Flowers ( wall hanging) gift
May Your Sorrows (wall hanging) gift
Phoenix (ornament) Mac Ornament

Round Robin Squares
Fire Dragon
Cats in Hats
Bunny 2000
Autumn Tree
Autumn Chair

Happy Jack (pillow)
Joy (cube)

29 design finishes for the year. That not too bad since I finished 23 out of the 29 into something. Out of those six that weren't finished 5 of them were for RR, so I actually only have one piece this year going into the WTF pile! That was major accomplishment for me this year!


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great list of finishes for this year. Good luck with your goals for next year!!

Von said...

Wow, Dawn, that's a great list! I hope 2006 brings you many more beautiful projects and finishes :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats for getting so much finished. I've got so much to finish its almost daunting!