Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December/January Goals

December Goals:
1. Start and finish Renee's RR fabric.
**Finished and ready to mail to Laurie
2. Mail Jo's RR fabric to Renee.
**Done 12/13
3. Mail SB Lottery Exchange to the lucky winner.
**Mailed 12/5
4 Finish my Mom's birthday present and mail.
**finished and mailed 12/5
5. Finish Christmas presents to family and friends.
**Last one finished 12/24
6. Finish Unicorn and Fairy Magic. (if the beads arrive in time)
**Still waiting
7. Work on ABC Bears.
**Finished 4 letters!! Only 9 left to go!
8. Work on Fortunate Traveler.
**I worked on this one for a couple of hours but not as much as I would have liked to have stitched.
9 Start on Melissa's present for the SB Birthday Exchange.
**I have been looking for a pattern but nothing has jumped out at me yet.
10 Dye fabric for Woodland Faerie SAL in Jan.
**Yep, dyed one solid yellow and one a tie dyed.

January Goals
1. Start TW Woodland Faerie SAL with Christine D.
2. Start A Time For Everything SAL with Becky.
3. Work on Fortunate Traveler.
4. Start Mirabilia's Deepest Love
5. Start Herbs & Spices
6. Start/finish Melissa's present.
7. Start on Cathy's RR fabric
8. Start on Lottery Exchange
9. Mail Renee's RR fabric to Laurie.
10. Start on Adopt A Stitcher package.
11. Start on Nicki's RR fabric.
12. Work on ABC Bears
13. Finish my afghan.

A lot of new starts this month!


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great job on your December goals. You really got a lot done this month!! I look forward to seeing your January goals take shape. I am particularly looking forward to your Woodland Faerie SAL. I love that piece!

Von said...

Hi Dawn - you're doing well on your goals!! Keep it up, you've got lots to look forward to in January :)

Lelia said...

Goodness!!! Is that the secret to all your stitching? Stop sleeping? hmmmm.... lol

What lofty goals you set : ) Way to go Dawn!

I'm still working on something realistic. My lists right now look like something to take me 5 years : )

BeckySC said...

Hi Dawn :) I tried to comment last night and blogger was being fickle!
I wanted to say that I am looking forward to stitching with you on Tuesday's on A Time For Everything. I finally decided on my fabric and have it ready to go. I am going to use 28ct. Country French Latte. You are stitching it as the conver model...right? and not individually??

You did awesome on your December goals.

Dani - tkdchick said...

No fair... you get to stitch at work!