Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Now that Christmas is over with maybe my house can get back into a normal routine. Our day went pretty good. The kids were thrilled with their presents and played all day long and I got to stitch. I finished the letters Q, L, and most of G on ABC Bears. Only 9 more letters to go! Like I have said before I am in no big hurry to get this one finished as it is more of a learning pattern for me. Tons and tons of french knots to make.

Sunday I get to start my new rotation. Sunday is for working on RR's/exchanges. I am caught up on my RR's so I will be working on exchanges. I have several that are going to be due at that same time. That itself kind of freaks me out but I know I can get it done. The first thing that is due is for the Birthday Exchange for Melissa. I have been thinking about what to do for her but I haven't come up with the "perfect" idea yet but with the holidays I haven't had a lot of time to think!

Later today we will be taking our tree down. I am happy to say that the kitties and my dog did better this year with the tree. We only had about 10 ornaments get broke which is a lot less than the year before!


Von said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas, Dawn! I haven't been able to stitch for days, but everyone left for home today, so maybe I can get something started :)

Anne S said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely Christmas, and even the furbabies managed to leave some ornaments on the tree this year :) Your ABC bears look great - I have to admit, french knots have always been the bane of my stitching existence too ... I've only just managed to start making semi-decent ones!

BeckySC said...

Hi Dawn :)
I am happy to hear that you had a nice Christmas :) and get back to a normal routine...I am still trying to take decorations down (a chore in itself with all I put up) and stitch and catch up with E-mail, BB's and blogs :) :)

Your ABC bears are looking good! You have quite a bit stitched! :)

It's good to visit with you again :)

BeckySC said...

PS...I meant to say-BUT hit enter too soon :)

Try not to stress over the exchanges...if you need to bounce ideas off me, please just e-mail me-I would be more than happy to chat with you about them :)

Cindy said...

Dawn, your ABC bears are so colourful and nice. Can't wait to see the finish piece..:)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Glad to hear Christmas was a success in your house! Your alphabet bears are adorable. Keep up the good work.

I am looking forward to seeing you work through your rotation. I also decided to go with a daily rotation for '06. Hopefully it will work well for both of us!

Mylene said...

Hi Dawn, your ABC bears is looking good. French knots aren't my favorite too!
By the way, Thanks for the best wishes for my birthday!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your bears are cute!