Monday, December 05, 2005

For being a Monday I have gotten several things accomplished. I might add that it is a Monday with Mike and Krissy home sick. Ughh! I have managed (so far) to get the house cleaned up, a load of laundry done, mailed a couple of packages out, and made some cupcakes for the kids for a snack for after school. Watch out I am on a roll. LOL!

With all that done I can devote the rest of the day to stitching! Today I am going to work on ABC Bears. I took a quick picture of it this morning since I haven't worked on it since I got my new camera. :) I am thinking about turning it into a wall hanging when it is finished. I have no real plans for this one since I am mainly stitching this one to make myself learn to do french knots better. This pattern is covered in french knots so if I don't master it by the end of the pattern then I never will.

On Friday I bought a new pattern for my stash. It is Dragon Lake by Black Swan Designs. I can't wait to start this one but NO new big patterns until after the first of the year for me. I had a rotation schedule that I had planned out but the more that I think about it I am not sure if it is going to work for me. I was going to work on one piece each day but my problem with that is I don't feel like I have made enough progress to set it aside. I will figure something out that works for me...eventually.


Von said...

Good going Dawn! Isn't it a great feeling when so much gets accomplished :)

Anne S said...

French knots were the bane of my stitching existence too - Mum tried to teach me to no avail ... eventually I went to a class and it 'clicked' - still not very confident at them though! I agree with you with a rotation too - I tried doing the 'one project a day' thing too, but it just didn't work, especially with shift work - I now do the 10-hour slot rotation, and I think it's fantastic ... it's just enough to see some progress in the project, but not too long that you get bored with it ... hope you manage to find something that suits you - sometimes it takes a bit of playing around before you find something that 'fits' :)