Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm Being Fair

This hasn't been a good week for stitching for me. I have only gotten one letter done on ABC Bears and nothing else. Last night we attended Krissy's first band performance. It turned out pretty good although I had to sit on the floor just to get some pictures. This performance was put on by the band and music class which Krissy is in both. So not only did she play the clarinet but she played the recorder and did a little dance. The pictures turned out a little dark ( I think my batteries are low) but I had to post about it to be fair with Allie's ornament.

Chiara-I started teaching both of my girls around 8 years (Allie is 10 now) old but I started them off with plastic canvas and a plastic needle. Once they got the hang of that is when I let them use a real needle and Aida.

I want to thank everyone for their compliments on Allie's HD. They really made her feel great about her stitching. So much that she has already started working on another project. She has already decided who it is for and that person is pretty special to her.

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