Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Door Hanging

Yesterday was one of those days I should have just stayed in bed. Krissy called home sick from school and then was upset with me for making her take cough medicine. Mac got into some trouble on the bus and then handed me a note from his reading teacher telling me his grade is a C but he could do better if he paid more attention. I already know this lady! I spend an hour each night fighting with him to have him read to me for 20 minutes. He knows how to read and does well but he hates to read.

After all the ruckus of the evening died down I decided to work on finishing another present for Mac's teacher aide, Mrs. H. I have had this little guy in my WTF pile for a long time. I stitched it on 14 count Oatmeal aida cloth and made it into a door hanging. With this one finished I am done with all the teachers presents for this year and just in time too!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Dawn! And a very cute design, too. :)

Von said...

Some days you just can't win with your kids, can you! My 14yos is very lazy and unmotivated to do his schoolwork - what does he feel motivated towards - computer games, of course! Argh!!

Mylene said...

WOW! aren't the teachers lucky to receive such a beautiful gifts!!
Well, my youngest doesn't want to go to school..he said he doesn't like to work on whatever the teacher has in mind to be done, i find it very difficult to force him every morning. Best wishes, Mylene

Kim said...

That is a beautiful gift! It turned out so pretty! I love that design, it's so sweet.