Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making the Team

I couldn't believe how quiet the house was yesterday with the kids back at school! I'm not complaining because that meant I was able to do some stitching uninterrupted. I worked on Rain with Attitude while Megan took her morning and afternoon naps. I love how fast this one is stitching up! Best part of this pattern is no special kinds of thread....just good old DMC threads. :)

Krissy first day of school was great she told me. She loves all her classes and got to talk with lots of her friends she hadn't seen over the summer. However, softball practice was the best part of the day for her. They announced who made JV team and Varsity team. Krissy made Varsity!!! I am so proud of her! :) Since she is only a sophomore she will also be playing on the JV team so that means my evenings will mostly be spent at a ball field, at least until the middle of October.

Allie is thinking about going out for swimming and tennis this year. Tennis should prove to be interesting as I don't know the first thing about the game. She still isn't for sure but she has time to decide since they don't start till later in the school year.

Mac seems to like his teacher this year. He says she is strict but very nice. Hmmm.....I bet that changes the first time he forgets to turn in his homework!


Kim B said...

Great progress! And it sounds like the school year started with a bang!

Anonymous said...

Wow --- you got a lot done on the stitching. I wondered what the colors under the sign were going to be. Now I know ... it's his scarf. Very cute.

Glad the kids all had a good start for their year. Yeah Krissy! That's great.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW great progress on your rain is attitude piece.

Glad the kids had a great time at school. Congrats to Krissy for making Varsity. I know we were proud of my daughter last year who was a freshman because she made varsity track. She does pole vault... Although she was upset when they gave out certificates and gave her varsity certificate to a senior that was only on junior varsity.

Chiloe said...

Congrats to Krissy !!!

I'm glad you are going to see more and more stitching: You're going to finish it in no time ;-)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Great progress Dawn. Congratulations to Krissy. Love the photo of Megan with her sunglasses on, too cute.

Margaret said...

Sorry I haven't been around blog reading lately but this morning I caught up on all your recent stitching and the pictures of your lovely children. Megan looks so cute in her new sunglasses.

Just had to let you know that yesterday I finished stitching the pattern you sent me in our Fair & Square exchange 'All Hearts Come Home'. It was such a fun pattern to stitch and I want to thank you again for sending it to me.

Happy stitching.

Unknown said...

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