Thursday, August 20, 2009

Naps Required

My stitching time is pretty much limited to when Megan is sleeping. This would work out if my little girl would sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. She isn't bad about waking up at night but when it comes to her morning and afternoon nap thinks that they are unnecessary. Which is totally wrong because if she misses her morning nap or doesn't sleep at least an hour she is a cranky girl for the rest of the day.

A good example is yesterday. Megan got up at 6:30 AM and usually takes a nap around 9:30 (a good nap for her is 2 hours) but she wouldn't not lay down and I had to do some errands around 11:00. She did fall asleep in the car for about 20 minutes but the moment we got home she was wide awake and cranky till she finally fell asleep around 2:00 PM(which is her normal nap time) but she woke up around 3:00 extremely cranky and whiny. Her normal bedtime is 9 PM but last night by 7:30 she was wanting to go to sleep. I managed to keep her up another 30 minutes before she passed out from exhaustion. When she goes to sleep early she will wake up around midnight thinking it is time to get up and play. Which is what happened only it was about 2 AM when she woke up. She fell back asleep about 30 minute later but was up ready to go at 7:00 AM. Let's just hope today goes better!

Since Megan elected to not take her naps yesterday I didn't get to work on any stitching.:( Good thing is Mike is off work today so I should be able to stitch for a few hours this evening after picking Krissy up from ball practice.

Have a great day!


Kim B said...

'm impressed that you have Megan on a schedule. Sarah sleeps when Sarah sleeps and it's usually on my lap. If I try to move her she wakes up instantly! It's so frustrating!

Chiloe said...

All babaies should be on a schedule and usually it's their natural schedule. But some don't like to nap (like mine ) But you know what it's great? They don't stay babies !!!!!!!! Yeah!!! then you baby them and they don't want to be treated like a baby !! lol I hope you will stitch a lot today !!! :-)

Unknown said...

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