Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not One But Two

It is hard to believe but Megan turned 11 months old today. The day started out normal until at breakfast Megan started gnawing on her hands and upon inspection (finger in mouth) I discovered she had cut her first tooth! I spent the rest of the day trying to get a picture of her tooth but she would not open her mouth for me to see. Stubborn child. It wasn't until late in the afternoon that I discovered she had cut not one, but two teeth! This definitely explains the crabbiness lately. I might add that I still have not actually seen the bottom two teeth yet as she won't keep her mouth open for me to look!

I worked on my snowman again today. :) That is until I ran out of DMC 3722. :(

Have a great evening!


Chiloe said...

My kids got their teeth late as well. Hope she'not too crabby now ;-)

Nice progress: I love the colorsso mauch !!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Congrats on Megan's new chompers.

I think Mr snowman is coming out soooooooooooo cute.

Kim B said...

Teething is so rough! Poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Owwweee ... poor Megan. But I bet she'll look adorable with those two little teeth.

Well, once you get a chance to look!

Isn't it funny how if you don't care they'll grin all day, but if you want to look in their mouth they clamp it shut like a snapping turtle.

Unknown said...

Oh, teething... it's been a while since I had to deal with that but I still remember how I cheered my baby. That is one of the things about motherhood, you get a surprise every day!

Tammy said...

Such an adorable piece! Great job on it so far.

WOOHOO to two teeth. Too cute!

stitcherw said...

Congratulations to Megan on getting her two new teeth, yup cutting two at the same time would account for some crankiness. Your snowman is looking adorable, hope you get some more of the DMC you need soon, so frustrating when you run out.