Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day(s) Back to School

I survived another summer vacation and the older three kids are all officially back in school today! Mac and Allie started yesterday but Krissy didn't start till today. Allie's day was boring I was informed but that was to be expected as it was freshman orientation all day long. Although the day didn't start out boring as her bus was over 20 minutes late picking her up. The bus arrived on time today so hopefully the driver has worked the kinks out in her driving schedule.

Mac's First day of 6th grade

Allie's first day as a freshman (9th grade)

Krissy's first day as a sophomore (10th grade)

Now, with the kiddos back in school it is just Megan and me during the day. You would think that Megan would be upset as she doesn't have her big sisters or big brother to play with but she is content to play with her toys and chasing our dog around the house. It is quite comical to see Megan chasing Girly around because once Megan catches her Girly give her big kisses and Megan will start laughing and then try to get Girly to chase her. I am pleased that the two of them get along as Girly was a little jealous of Megan when we brought her home. It wasn't so much Megan she was jealous of but more jealous of the of the attention Megan got but once Megan started rolling around Girly decided that she wasn't such a bad thing to have another playmate.

I am planning on pulling out my stitching in a little while when (if) the munchkin lays down for her nap this afternoon if not I will definitely do some stitching tonight. :)

Have a great day!


Kim B said...

Look at those happy faces! Glad Megan is enjoying herself despite missing his siblings.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Sounds like all are happy to get back in school. They are growing fast.

I know mine are.... WAY TO FAST!

That would be a funny sight to see Megan running around after the dog.

Anonymous said...

I always like the routine of the school year! It's so much easier to carve out some stitching time when you know what to expect each day.

TammyK said...

Mac & Krissy looks happy to be getting back to school but poor Allie looks sort of nervous. Hope they all had great days :o)

Mylene said...

Great pictures of your children.

Unknown said...

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Mãe da Rita said...

Beautiful children! Allie looks a lot like you, doesn't she? In Portugal, school begins only at middle of September but my girl will start kindergarten the 1th... We came back today from our beach vacation and I'm catching up my blogs. Just after a weekend with the in laws we'll be back at work/school. I would like another month of summer at home...

Sharon said...

I love the first day of school! They look great!