Saturday, October 01, 2005

September/October Goals

September Goals:

1. Finish and mail the SBHE.
**I was able to finish my gift for the SBHE and even got it mailed out on 9/26 but still waiting to hear from the recipient.
2. Work on Collecting Shells.
**I didn't get any time on this one this month.
3. Work on ABC Bears.
**Again, I didn't get any stitching on this one either.
4. Work on Unicorn and Fairy Magic.
**I worked on this until I ran out of KBF 032 (on backorder at the store...ugghh!)
5. Purchase the 32 count linen for the seasons SBRR.
**Yep, got this one done and I bought a half a yard of 32 ct. Antique White Belfast Linen.
6. Start on the seasons SBRR.
**I managed to get the fabric cut to the size I needed and finished the edges of the fabric.
7. Start stitching on Vash's RR.
**I am about halfway done on this RR. I have the face and hat (almost) done.

**I did finish Checkers the pumpkin for Dayza and gave it to her.
**I also finished another Halloween gift and gave it to the owner's wife.

I did manage to complete 5 of 7 of my goals this month. Yeah!

October Goals:

1. Finish and mail Vash's RR to Renee.
2. Start stitching on my RR for the SBRR-2
3. Start working on my gift for the Lottery Exchange.
4. Work on Collecting Shells
5. Work on ABC Bears
6. Work on Unicorn and Fairy Magic (hopefully finish by 10/16 if not finish it for X-mas)
7. Buy more stash!! :D


Schokti said...

Heee! I like goal 7. Sign me up for that one, too!

Schokti said...

BTW - Tag! See my blog.