Sunday, October 30, 2005

October/November Goals

October Goals:

1. Finish and mail Vash's RR to Renee.
**Achieved!! I mailed it on 9/24 and yesterday it was received.
2. Start stitching on my RR for the SBRR-2
**I finished my square and it is ready to be mailed in the next week or two.
3. Start working on my gift for the Lottery Exchange.
**I started and finished it! I am waiting to mail it to the winner.
4. Work on Collecting Shells.
**I didn't even look at this one this month.
5. Work on ABC Bears.
**Again, I didn't look at this one.
6. Work on Unicorn and Fairy Magic. (hopefully finish by 10/16 if not finish it for X-mas)
**I worked on it but didn't get it finished by 10/16. I am working on the backstitching now and getting ready to do the beads soon.
7. Buy more stash!! :D
** I bought a pattern or two but this month I bought more finishing supplies than stitching supplies.

November Goals:

1. Mail my SBSRR fabric to Laurie.
2. Finish Lottery Exchange.
**It is finished and ready to mail.
3. Finish Unicorn and Fairy Magic.
4. Work on ABC Bears.
5. Work on Collecting Shells.
6. Start on small gifts to family and friends for Christmas.
7. Have a great birthday.

I have made it to the backstitching! I completed the Fairy's wings, arms, feet, and face but you can not see her face. I backstitched in DMC 3064 but I am thinking about doing it in black. I also finished the backstitching on the Unicorn's face. It won't be long now till a big happy dance for me.


Lelia said...

Good luck on your goals. I continue to be in awe of all that you accomplish in ONE MONTH.

Getting my dancing shoes close by -- don't want to miss your finishing HD ; ) The unicorn and fairy are magical.

Anne S said...

Even though backstitching is such a right royal pain, it really does finish a piece off, doesn't it? Look forward to seeing the final version all backstitched - it looks great!

Unknown said...

The Unicorn looks so pretty. I can't wait to see it all done.