Thursday, October 20, 2005

Report Cards, Already?

I remember when I was younger time seemed take forever to arrive. Like Christmas even though it was a year it would seem like it took longer for the day to arrive. Now, that I am older time really flies. I used to not believe my elders when they would say "it seemed like yesterday when....." but now I am in their shoes. I say all this because this week was parent-teacher conferences with my children's teachers. Has is already been nine weeks since school started? I feels like yesterday was the first day, maybe that is because by the end of the summer break I am more than ready for them to go back so that I can have "me" time.

All of the kids' grades were great! Krissy is doing awesome. She has a lot of stuff going on with her schedule this year so I was a little concerned on how she would adjust. This is the first year she is switching from class to class, she has joined band and has to practice for at least 20-30 minutes everyday, and has a babysitting job. When I got her report card I was very delighted to find out that her lowest grade was a 92%. She got 5 A's and 2 B's. Whoo-hoo!! On the other hand it gets quite

Allie is doing great but she could be doing a little better. I found out from her teacher that she had not taken any AR test for reading which brought her grade down a whole letter grade but other than that she is doing great. She got 3 A's , 2 B's, and one C (which was the reading grade).

Mac is passing!! Mac has a harder time with school then the girls. I often wonder if it because he is a boy or because he was born premature. When he was born we were warned by the doctors that he "might" have some trouble with math and reading because that was the area of the brain where his brain bleed happened. Anyways, he doesn't have any disabilities and is right where he should be for his age but he struggles so hard to make that grade. So report card time for him is always scary for me because I am afraid to find out that he is failing because I would feel like it would be my fault. Anyways, Mac got one A, one B and 2 C's. The A blew me out of the water. He got it in spelling so maybe reading will start getting a little easier soon! :) The C's are in reading and math which I was very happy with those grades. I am really proud of all three kids. They did a great job!

I stitched on my square of 4 Chairs Seasons last evening and ran out of 3771 which I need for the basket so looks like I will be making a trip to the store soon. I have finished the porch and I am working on the chair/cushion and pumpkins now. Looks like I might have a happy dance sometime soon. :)