Wednesday, October 26, 2005

SB Question of the Week

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Outi ( ) and is:

Have you ever stitched something as a gift and later realized that receiver doesn't respect your stitched gift a bit (for example it's never on show, or you have other reason to suspect that it may even be nonexistent or at least placed in some dark storage room corner)? If so, what have you done? If you've been lucky enough to avoid such people what would you do if it'd happen to you?

Um, I have had this happen to me before about ten years ago. We were living in Arkansas close to Mike's family. I should point out his sisters have never really liked me to from the beginning. Anyways one year I decided to stitch and finish something for all the adults. I spent a better part of 6 months working on these gifts. My MIL loved her throw pillows I made for her but I never saw the framed picture I did for SIL#2. I didn't think much about it since they were in the process of moving into a new house. The next year I decided to crochet EVERYONE an afghan including my nephews and nieces. When we arrived at SIL#2 for Christmas with the presents the boys were excited to see what the presents were and my SIL had the nerve to tell the boys IN FRONT of me that they didn't want to open those first because they wouldn't like them. We had bought each and outfit also and when they opened the gifts up they threw them on the ground and walked right over them to get more presents.

I will be honest. I hold grudges for a long time and since I was really upset at how rude they were being about it I informed them I would NEVER buy them a gift again or make one and I haven't. Since that horrible experience I do not give any of my creations to anyone that I even have a little doubt that they won't like it.


cathymk said...

Dawn, how awful! People can be so hurtful! It's hard not to hold a grudge in those circumstances.

Anne S said...

I don't blame you one iota in those circumstances - how rude! It's sad that she's passing on her poor attitude to her kids too :( On a brighter note, your autumn RR piece looks great! Your new rotation looks like a nice varied one too :)

Schokti said...

How rude. It is unfortunate, especially since you are related and have to continue associating with people like that. Don't you wish you could choose your family?

Anonymous said...

That's AWFUL, Dawn! I'm so glad you had the guts to stand up and tell them that you wouldn't give them any more gifts (handmade or otherwise). People like that don't deserve to get anything!

Unknown said...

OMG, I can't believe the rudeness in some people. I'm glad you said something and haven't wasted your talents, or money, on them since.