Saturday, October 15, 2005

An Evening of Quiet

Right now it is unusually quiet in the house and I am enjoying it oh so much! Allie is spending the night with her friend tonight and she should be full of stories when she gets home. Allie and her friend were going fishing today with her friend's father. Krissy decided to spend the night with her friend but they will be home around noon for the start of Krissy's birthday party/sleep-over. With them being gone it just leave Mike, Mac, and me here tonight. Mike is watching TV with Mac (The Quest for Camelot) and I am blogging.

Tomorrow on the other hand won't be as quiet! Krissy turns 12 and is having a sleep-over birthday party with 2 other girls and us. I generally keep our birthday parties small. Just us and a few of the kids friends. Mike is going to make Krissy's favorite dinner....Tacos! This year she wanted cup cakes instead of a cake so we are having chocolate cup cakes with chocolate icing with chocolate fudge ice cream. I love chocolate but that is even way too much chocolate for me at once!

On the stitching side, I haven't done any stitching today because I got frustrated with my SBSRR. It isn't anything major but it left me a lot of ripping stitches out. The borders of the squares are backstitched in the seasons name (spring, winter, etc) and I have to turn the chart and fabric and in the process I ended up stitching the Autumn square backwards! I wanted to kick myself because with the other 3 squares I managed to pay close attention and stitch those correctly.

I have had a few people ask if the fabrics I used in Boo and Happy Jack were fabrics that I dyed myself. Happy Jack I used 28 count Monaco evenweave and was dyed using deep purple fabric dye from Dylon. Boo was also a 28 count Monaco evenweave and was dyed with golden yellow from Ritz.


Casa Pearl said...

Mmm those cupcakes sound delicious to me! You can never have enough chocolate. I hope the birthday was a success.

Sasha Farina said...

snap the pics of the cupcakes, Girl. and let us drool LOL.