Friday, September 16, 2005

Weekend Plans

I can see the finish line! I ran out of Kreinik BF 032 and DMC white so I will have to make a trip to the craft store. If all goes right I am hoping to make a run out there tonight.

Tonight Krissy is having a friend spend the night. This could prove to be an interesting night with two 11 year old girls talking and giggling all evening. They already warned me that the friend is bringing over some DVD's to watch. I already can see the mess of curling irons, make up, and popcorn all over the front room! Oh, I forgot to add they both play instruments in the band and want to practice together.

On top of all that I will have the battle of keeping Mac and Allie from pestering them too much. I already know Mike is going to go hide and play his computer games and if I am lucky Mac will want to play games too. Allie may luck out and get to spend the night with her friend. Her mother is going to call me later to let me know exactly what the girls have planned.

I am not for sure how many kids will be here tonight (anywhere from 2-5) but I know that it is going to be late a night. The girls will probably outlast me which means they will be cranky in the morning. We probably will take Krissy's friend home sometime after lunch so hopefully we will have a quiet Saturday night. If not at least we will have a quiet Sunday.

Have a good weekend!


Carol said...

Wow, you are just zipping right along - better get the happy dancing shoes out and be ready for you soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, a girls sleepover. Have fun, mom! :)

I hope you were able to run out to the craft store, because the piece is looking really great.

BeckySC said...

WOW, Dawn you are doing awesome!!! WOW!!!

I remember sleepovers :)

hugs :)

Kitty Couture said...

Your needles have really been smoking on that one. It's gorgeous!

Hope that sleepover went allright ;)

And hey, you're so cool. I was never allowed to sleep over at friends' places, let alone having them sleep over at mine :o(

Casa Pearl said...

LOL Dawn, did you get any sleep last night? I hope so. Your progess on this piece is amazing and I can't wait to see the finish!

Sasha Farina said...

oh.. you're so near the end.. I can't wait!

Renee said...

Looking great! BTW... I started on your dragons rr yesterday. :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

I can't wait to see your finish! What a beautiufl piece you will have.

Isn't that frustrating when you run out near the end????