Monday, September 26, 2005

Thank You To All

I was able to get some good stitching done on Vash's RR. I love the fabric she has chosen. The scan doesn't show the how sparkly the fabric really is in person.

I got my Halloween Exchange mailed off to XXXX today with no problems. Whoo-hoo!! I was in and out of the post office inside of 10 minutes. The mean man was there again today and I was a little concerned about dealing with him again. Luck was on my side and another teller opened when it was my turn so I was able to walk up and tell her what she needed and handed her the money.

I wanted to thank everyone for their concern about my/our safety. I had to smile at Carol's comment about not realizing that Mississippi had bad weather often. I smiled because that is what we thought when we moved here 5 years ago! I grew up in Iowa so I am used to tornados in the springtime but I can't get used to tornados in the Fall!

Jenna -I didn't use a conversion chart for Checkers. I am not good at converting colors so I went ahead and used the Kreinik. I would like to find a conversion chart for DMC so if I find one I will let you know. :)


Vash said...

Oooooo it's coming on! Thanks for the sneaky peak.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your halloween exchange gift mailed out! The RR piece is looking good. :)