Monday, September 19, 2005

Sleepover No No's

I survived Krissy's friend spending the night. I can pretty much sum it up by saying this particular child will not be spending the night again anytime soon. Every time I turned around Friday night this child had something smart to say to me or Mike. For instance the girls were running in the house (which is a big no no) and Mike told them to settle down once and they didn't listen. He told them a second time to settle down or he would take Krissy's friend home if they couldn't listen to us. Krissy's friend popped off with a "whatever" and walked away from Mike. When Mike asked her what she said both girls said nobody said anything and we must have been hearing things. Only thing is they didn't realize Mike's friend, Keith, was here and he heard it too! There were a few other irritating moments like the friend got mouthy with me when she brought a DVD over that was rated R and I would not let them watch it.

Saturday night Allie spent the night with her friend which according to her mother all went well. Although when we picked Allie up Sunday at lunchtime she wasn't happy about having to come home. Around midnight Allie woke up and started throwing up and running a fever. She hasn't moved off the couch in 10 hours and for Allie that means she is sick. Top that off Krissy called from school around 8 am saying she had gotten sick at school too! So now I have 2 sick girls at home and wondering if I am going to get a call from Mac's school.

I made a quick trip to the craft store this weekend to find out that 1.) they are out of 032 Kreinik BF and 2.) my order for one Kreinik VFB #4 thread for the Halloween Exchange still hasn't arrived. Okay the first one isn't so much a problem since they keep that one in stock and should be here by Friday. Now the second one I have some issues because I ordered my floss about 6 weeks ago! I got the other VFB's that I needed within 2 weeks but not this one. Since the post date is coming up fast for the Halloween Exchange I went ahead and started stitching another little piece up just in case the thread doesn't arrive in time which would be my luck.


Anonymous said...

Darn Dawn! Sounds like maybe Krissy shouldn't be friends with that girl anymore... An 11 year old mouthing off and bringing an R-rated DVD to a sleepover? I mean hello? Does the girl HAVE parents? LOL

Sasha Farina said...

not only she will not be spending the night, i would keep Krissy away from her (if its up to me ) LOL.. you're already very nice to her by not sending her back that night itself ...

ps : can;t wait to share your happy Dance ;) and hope the floss arrive soon :)

BeckySC said...

do you want me to check and see if I have the VFB #4 to send to you???

((((((hugs to a good mom!!!))))