Thursday, September 08, 2005

It has been a crazy week around my house this week! Sunday afternoon we got some very bad news about my MIL. She has been diagnosed with cancer. It is in her kidneys, liver, lungs, and bones. Things aren't looking good right now. Mike hasn't really talked with me about it yet but I know he is worried about her. When he gets worried or scared he starts to joke around a lot more than normal and that is exactly what he is doing now.

At work I have been helping get ready 75 apartments for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We have had people either calling or coming in everyday so I have been extremely busy making sure everything is ready. I can't even watch the news anymore it is too heartbreaking to see all the destruction and families ripped apart.

With all of that stuff going on I have only been able to stitch for about hour each night. I am pretty happy with my progress on Unicorn and Fairy Magic. I would have more done but I have to work on it when Krissy isn't at the house since it is going to be a birthday present. This pattern calls for Glissen Gloss thread but I am going to use Kreinik thread. I am going tomorrow to buy the rest of the beads for this pattern and a few other things for the Halloween Exchange.


Kitty Couture said...

Dawn, you've made very good progress on the unicorn. What you're doing for the Katrina victims is great.

((((hugs)))) and good luck to you and your hubby and most of all to your MIL.

Schokti said...

You are going through a lot, Dawn - my thoughts are with you and your family.

Carol said...

Oh how terrible! I will keep her in my prayers along with the Katrina victims! Keep up the good work for them - they need you!