Sunday, May 13, 2007

No Stitching Again :(

I have said it before and I will say it again.....every time I make plans something always goes awry! I had planned for some mega stitching this weekend but as of right now I still haven't picked up a needle. Last night I played in my stash and found 4 patterns that I have all kitted and ready to go. Since I had everything out, I figured I might as well and go ahead and kit up some more patterns. I ended up kitting up another 6 patterns! Those 6 aren't fully kitted up, they all need some fabric yet. Now, my problem is deciding which one to stitch next!

It has been a pretty good day for me. We went and seen FIL this afternoon. The kids and Grandpa cooked a nice lunch for me today. They made roast, potatoes & gravy, corn on the cob, and green beans. Yummy! and the best part was I didn't have to cook or clean up the mess. Tonight Mike is making italian sausage, macaroni and cheese, and a salad. Another Yummy! Yes, I admit I LOVE to eat.

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On the kitty side of things, Zoey has decided Claudia isn't so bad to have around. I still have to keep an eye on Zoey because she does get a little too rough sometimes. Girly helps me out because once the kitten cries she is instantly right in Zoey's face barking at her. I find it funny when Zoey cries, Girly doesn't do a thing!

Lastly, I want to wish all the mother's a Happy Mother's Day...enjoy what is left of this day :)


stitcherw said...

Very cute picture of Zoey and Claudia, glad they are starting to get along. That is so funny on Girly coming to make sure that Claudia is OK, sounds like she has a champion. :)

You were busy, getting six projects all kitted up takes a while. However, I don't see you telling us what six they were. You know, inquiring minds and all that, which six new and 4 previously kitted patterns are you trying to decide between?

ollie1976 said...

Happy Mother's Day-sorry that you weren't able to do all the stitching that you wanted to do! But it's great that you were able to get all those kitted up!
Such a cute picture!

Carolyn said...

Aww, what a couple of cuties! Thanks for sharing such a sweet picture. Its good to hear that they are starting to get along better. :)

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture! I love that Claudia has a patron. :P

Anonymous said...

If they'll share a dish it can't be too bad. LOL They'll be best buddies soon.

Heather said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day and got plenty of good food! :D Your kitties are so cute.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your babies look adorable!