Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interesting Day

I had an interesting day at the doctor's office this morning with Allie. Originally her appointment was for the rash on her face that appeared Monday morning and a troublesome dry patch on her elbows. One look and the doctor decided the rash on her face was in fact hives and those hives were inflaming her Eczema causing her pure misery. What caused the hives? Her allergies to pollen, tree, and etc. are looking like the culprits right now. The solution is more meds for allergies, cream for the eczema, antibiotic for the spots she has scratched raw, and lots of lotion.

After I got home, I talked to my mom to find out who had/has it my family. She then calls my grandma to find out and the answer was my mom had problems with it when she was younger. So bad in fact that my grandparents had to put splints on her arms to keep her from scratching herself! Apparently my mom had forgotten all about it until

With all that going on today I haven't picked up my needle today. I am not sure if I will work on something tonight or not. I not really in the stitching mood today. I did take a picture of this ornament I started. It is called Jeweled Ornament by Ozark Sampler. It was a freebie I got at my LNS.

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I hope everyone had a good night!


Mylene said...

Sorry to hear about Allie's allergies. Hope it gets cure very soon.
Your ornament is looking good.

Jennifer said...

Ugh, poor Allie. Itchiness is the worst.

I love the colors in your ornament!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Poor Allie, I hope that she improves quickly.


BeckySC said...

Oh, I feel for her! I hope she gets some relief soon.
Your ornament is looking good :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Jenn said...

I hope Allie is feeling better soon.

cathymk said...

Poor Allie!! I hope she is feeling better soon.
The ornie is looking just gorgeous.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I've suffered from eczema since birth. I have it on my eyelids and on my elbows. It stinks so I can comiserate with your daughter. Hope she starts feeling better soon!
Your ornie looks great :)

Cathy said...

Ugh, I know that eczema/allergy cycle all too well. Both Rob and Evie suffer from both. Evie has scars on her legs already from all the times she's scratched her skin open. No fun.

Anonymous said...

Cute ornie! SOrry to hear about Allie. I hope that she has some relief soon. *hugs for Allie*

Anonymous said...

Poor Allie, I hope she feels better soon. I am allergic go flea bites and most bug bites (thankfully there are not many insects here in Iceland) so I know what she is going through the poor thing.

Your ornament looks cute.

Carol said...

Poor Allie - and you!! I hope she doesn't end up needing splints too! Trauma sure can wipe out the memory - your Mom must be amazed about this!

Cathy said...

Dawn, we do a bunch for eczema. Have you tried oatmeal baths? Aveeno has a good one, it's a bit expensive, but it really helps. The trick is to break all the oatmeal clumps up into the water so that it's not a lumpy bath, and not to make the water too hot. We also have DML lotion, which you can only get from the pharmacy. It's over the counter, but you have to ask for it from the pharmacist. For when Evie is really bad, we have a prescription strenght steroid cream. Rob's skin is totally different, because his is also connected to a nerve disorder, but he's got a whole arsenol of lotions/creams. He does use the DML as well.

Hope that helps!

stitcherw said...

Cute ornament. Sorry to hear about Allie's allergies, I hope what ever is triggering them settles down soon so that she'll be more comfortable.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your ornament is so pretty.

Have you considered allergy shots for your daughter if she gets so miserable.

I get them for my allergies and they're a blessing.