Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Update on Geisha

I worked on Geisha last week in my rotation. My goal for this month on this project is to finish all the cross stitching and (hopefully) start on the backstitching. I have decided to give this to my friend, Anna. From the first time she saw what I was stitching she has commented on how pretty it looks. She does not have any idea I'm going to give it to her when I finish it.

This week I am stitching on ABC Bears and I already have stitched one complete letter. My goal is to stitch at least 4 letters each week I stitch on it or 8 letters stitched by August 1. I feel pretty good about achieving this goal.

I am patiently waiting on my thread to arrive so I can work on SB RR. I am making sure that I have it all ready to be mailed a little early so that I won't forget to take it to the post office. I am terrible with mailing stuff! I have marked every single one of the calendars with the post dates and when I should have it mailed by to arrive on time.

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Cathy said...

I'm waiting for RR stuff too, but not so patiently! I've marked all the dates, too, and put a special note on the day before the we are supposed to post them so I make sure I am all ready!