Monday, July 18, 2005

Snow White is Complete!

When I went to the craft store the other day I finally found some fabric to finish Snow White! The picture does not even come close to showing how pretty the fabric really looks. I made it into a pillow for Dayzia, my neighbors' 18 month old daughter. Dayzia loved it! She instantly picked it up and has not put it down since Saturday when I gave it to her. The smile on her face and not to mention all the kisses I got was worth the time it took to make it for her.

This morning I finished my square on my SBRR. I am still deciding if I want all of us to stitch our names in the squares that we stitch. One minute I do then I put it away and look at it again and I change my mind. I choose the 2004 Generosity/Elemental Dragons from Dragon Dreams. I am stitching The Dragon of Fire. The post date isn't until September 1 so I am confident that I will have it in the mail on time.


Cathy said...

I've been wondering the same thing about the names. I feel like I would like to have them stitched in there, but I don't know where they would fit. Unless everyone stitched it right beneath the block they finished. Otherwise, some of the blocks just have no room!

Schokti said...

How sweet!! I love the pillow!