Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hand Dyed Fabrics

The dying bug caught me! After reading Christine's blog and seen that her fabric turned out great I decided that I would try my hand at dying some fabric. Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some fabric dye by Dylon and of course since it was Wal-Mart it was a hair pulling trip. They only cost about $2.00 a package and one package does a 1/4 pound of fabric. The fabric I dyed was a 28 count white 20" x 24" white evenweave fabric by Charles Craft.

The whole time I was dying the fabric everything was going smoothly. I did feel like a witch stirring her brew in the sink. I went to hang them up in my bedroom. I have a mini clothes line in my bedroom for my crafts to hang on and dry. Mike was trying to be helpful and placed the two fabric right next to one another so that the deep purple bled on to the lime green fabric. I was able to save it by cutting about two inches of fabric off so that the purple is gone.

I really love how the fabrics came out. I almost don't want to stitch anything on them. I guess I will put them back in my stash pile and wait till it calls out to me. I am definitely going to dye some more fabric.


Renee said...

Copy Cat! :P (hee hee)

Schokti said...

That purple is incredible!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Loved your Dyed fabrics!

Just wanted to be sure that you are being cautious with the dyes and the children or pets. Dye is toxic and you should take precautions mixing and drying.

Also, have you read about procedures to make your dye last? You need to follow up the dying process or the color will wash out.

Good luch with your projects!
Stay safe and Healthy!