Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring is Here

The signs of Spring are everywhere! The grass is turning turning green and the trees are starting to bloom. Of course, that means that everything is covered in a layer of pollen including my mini van. Originally I was going to wash the mini van last weekend but since rain was in the forecast I decided to wait and see how the weather actually turned out. Everyday this week it looked and felt like it was going to rain but nothing happened. So, today I had enough of looking at the pollen on the mini van and took it to the car wash. When it was done it was so nice, shiny, and pretty. That lasted exactly 10 miles to my house. When I got out of the mini van I noticed that it was covered in pollen...again!! Ugghh! To make matters worse, as I am typing I hear the distinct sound of rain hitting the roof. Double Ugghh!

I worked on Woodland Faerie again today but not enough progress to post. I only got to work on her for about an hour and a half today. I am planning on working on A Time For Everything tomorrow. I picked up the floss I need to stitch the leaves so maybe if all goes well I might be close to finishing it within the next week.

Have a great weekend!

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