Friday, March 16, 2007

Off to A Good Start

Today's SBQ was suggested Danielle and is:

If you had $500 to spend on stitching-related items, what would you buy?

Here is where reality sinks in...I would never spend that much on stitching stuff at one time! Remember I have 3 kids so there is a "need" every day from them. So in my dream life, the majority of my purchase would be patterns and fabrics.

I am planning(hoping) that we will have a quiet weekend. I already got the house cleaned and most of the laundry done. It is amazing how fast I can get my house cleaned when my kids and Mike aren't around! I have a few more loads of laundry to finish but I think I can get it done tonight. Then the weekend will be mine to stitch!

Yesterday I worked on A Time For Everything and got the scarecrow's dress finished. I am getting excited as this one is getting close to being finished. :)

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BeckySC said...

Oh...I am such a BAD SAL mate...ATFE has not called to me for a long while... :( I will not give up on it though as I am sure one day I wil be pulling it out again :)
Yours is looking great and you are getting very close to a finish :)

Anonymous said...

You're making great progress on this one, it looks great.