Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My second PIF gift has arrived safely at Jenn's home. I simply fell in love with theses Britty Kitties! I stitched it on some oatmeal linen and like before the fabric I used is what is in the picture. I originally was going to make it into a pin keep but after some minor adjustments I realized that it would work better as a hanging ornament. I was pleased with my end results. :)

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I get to spend the morning at the doctor's office tomorrow. Krissy has to go in and get a physical for school. Krissy is trying out for the Pom Squad. This could prove to be interesting. One would think that coordination is required to be on the team. Well, my daughter has the gift of clumsiness! A prime example was just the other morning when she got on the school bus and missed the step. She has a huge bump and a nasty colored bruise. Another example is when she was 7 years old and twirling around and hit her hand on a door jam breaking her left pinky knuckle. That was 4 weeks of pure torture because she is a left handed person! her! While most parents are thrilled if their children make the team, I will just be thrilled if she doesn't break a bone!!


Carol said...

Another beauty - well done!

Unknown said...

Great PIF! And best of luck to Krissy!

Jenn said...

Thanks again Dawn! Good luck to Krissy. I'd say break a leg but, after what you told us she just might. :)