Thursday, March 08, 2007

SBQ of the Week

Do you use your needle, a seam ripper, or something else when you have to frog stitches? Why do you use the method that you do?

When I have to rip out stitches (which happens to me often) I use my needle to pull the stitches out. I guess the reason that I use a needle is simply because it is right there. If I used my seam ripper I would have to dig it out of my sewing box.

I worked on WF today but I didn't do any of the cross stitching. Instead I worked on adding the blending filament to the wings. I think after I get that finished I will work on a little bit of the back stitching. I am a little bored with all the greens plus I ran out of a couple of colors and I need to make a run to the LNS which I intend to do this weekend.

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