Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Treasure Saved

First of all, let me tell you that I am a pack rat when it comes to special things of mine. I have always kept a "treasure box" of sorts all of my life. In my box are things like: letters from friends, pictures, awards/ribbons, and special mementos.

Last weekend I decided to look and see exactly what I had in my trunk. After spending the afternoon sorting out items and memories I came across this cross stitch piece. This piece is special to me not because I stitched but because my best friend, Renee, stitched this for me. She came for a visit once and while she was visiting she asked me to show her how to cross stitch. I was more than happy to show her how to cross stitch.

A couple of months later we moved to Mississippi where she was living at the time and one of the first things she did was to give this cute teddies to me. So not only did my best friend spend time stitching this for me but it was the first stitcher to stitcher gift. After seeing it this weekend was another surprise as I thought it had got destroyed along with all of my pieces I had stitched up until 2001 when my house got hit by a tornado and lost everything but the clothes we had on our backs and a few odds and ends.

I will keep this treasure in my treasure box as that seems to be a very safe place for it and if you knew my luck anything could happen to it if I did not put it in my box.

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