Thursday, June 02, 2005

November Cherub

I have been stitching away on this piece. This is the first piece that I have actually kept track of how long I have been stitching on it. I officially started on this cherub on May 10 and have stitched on it everyday. I am not for sure on how exact my time is because I did not stop my time for potty breaks but I am pretty sure it is somewhat accurate. As of this morning I have stitched for a grand total of 4455 minutes (74.25 hours)! On the average I stitched about 4.25 hours a day.

I have joined a Round Robin and I am pretty excited (and nervous!) about doing this RR. I have not ever done one before so hopefully I don't mess it up to much


Renee said...

Oooh! (S)he is very cute.

It can be a bit daunting to keep track of your time at first, but I find it interesting to see just HOW MUCH time I spend on each individual piece.

Kiwi Jo said...

Dawn, I've never done a RR before either so we can be newbies together.

Cathy said...

You're not alone in being a newbie to Round Robins, I have never done one either. It should be fun, and I'm sure that you won't mess anything up! And, as Renee said on her blog today, if there are mistakes, it just gives it personality!

Unknown said...

I think your angel is adoreable