Saturday, April 14, 2007

Daily Rotation

I'm sorry I haven't posted in the past few days but I have been busy spring cleaning my house. Every piece of furniture has been moved and vacuumed or swept under it. I really need to check under the couch more often because I found 5 of Zoey's toy there! Zoey was in kitty heaven because she thought I bought her new toys...silly cat!

I have my Mystery exchange for the RN done and ready to mail. I just hope the person likes it. Our stitching tastes are slightly different so I was having a hard time picking out a pattern. I tried to find something that I could work both of our tastes into a piece. I think I did. Out of all my exchanges this one has been the hardest for me!

I have decided to go back to a daily rotation. I just haven't figured out what patterns to stitch!

Sunday/Saturdays-are my choice or exchanges/PIF/RR's/etc,

Monday-TW Sal on the FGBB(currently Woodland Faerie)
Tuesday-4 Season SAL on the FGBB(currently Seasons in the Snow)
Wednesday-Griffn Kitten(currently working on)
Thursday-The Brat( still have some Kreinik and Wisper threads to get)

I am not sure when I will officially start it because I still have some things to pick up for The Brat and I still have to pick something out for Fridays. I think it will work great for me. I didn't realize before how much more I got accomplished with have a set routine.

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

Great idea! I always feel like I need to start one project and finish it...which is probably why I've only cross stitched in fits and starts. I'm embracing the variety - thanks to your blog - and it's very refreshing!

Charlene said...

Wow .. You really enjoy doing exchange and SAL. Enjoy reading your blog. Do update use more on your progress.