Monday, April 09, 2007

348 Stitches

That sounds like a lot of stitches, right? Okay now look at my progress on the winter snowman. All that white is exactly 348 full cross stitches! Makes me wonder exactly how many stitches I put in a large piece!

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I hope that everyone had a good Easter Weekend. We had a good time and ate too much food! However, this morning I woke up to Krissy being sick. She had a sore throat and a pretty bad headache. The strange thing was she had a rash under her arms this morning. This had me concerned because Krissy usually doesn't have sensitive skin so I made an appointment to see the doctor.

The headache and sore throat were just from allergies so she now has allergy medicine to take. She had been on it before but had been taken off of it around the time she had to stay in the hospital last year. Now the answer for the rash shocked both of us! Krissy had a staph infection! Krissy freaked out when the doctor. told us because she had a real close friend who had to stay in the hospital for four months for staph infection of the bone. After he explained that her wasn't THAT serious now but it could be if left untreated she calmed down. Me, on the other hand, being the mother asked.....How? and Where? Of course, there are no answers other than it could have been anything. I just hate those answers!

Tomorrow looks like it could be a good stitching day for me. It is supposed to rain and there is nothing better to do on a rainy day than curl up and stitch.


Carol said...

Hmmm... it will be intersting to see just how many stitches do end up in that piece - I love it, though - so cute!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Its amazing how so many stitches don't get you too far sometimes.

Sorry to hear about your daughter's staph infection. It can be commonly contracted through gym equipment that isn't cleaned properly.

Von said...

Glad Krissy's staph infection isn't too serious - hope it's gone real soon!