Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Trip to the ER

I had a very long day and night yesterday. First of all, I have had a head cold for the past few days so I haven't felt the greatest. On top of that the little girl I watch during the day was running a fever most of yesterday. It wasn't a high fever just a low grade one but it was enough to make her clingy all day long. I had planned on stitching that evening but my son had different plans.

We hadn't been home for more than 30 minutes when Mac was playing with the dog's Frisbee and somehow got something in his eye. As soon as I tried to flush his eye out he starting screaming like I had poured acid in his eye. So, now I had to get him calmed down and keep him from rubbing his eye and still try to see what was in his eye. I couldn't see anything but his eye was pure red, too. I had Mike look at his eye and he found a bump on the white of his eye so we decided to head to the Emergency Room.

Emergency Room waiting is enough to drive any sane person insane! I am not kidding when I say we were there from 6 pm until 11 pm!! Agghhh! I would really like to know why does it take forever to be seen in the ER?

Anyways, when Mac was finally seen they had to numb his eye which caused Mac to scream because it burned his eye at first. After that they put some kind of medicine in his eye that turned it florescent yellow. Then they had to use a black light to look at his eye. It was freaky looking! He looked like a zombie with those glow in the dark yellow eyes! Of course Mac being the boy he is thought it was

The final conclusion was that he scraped his eye right across the pupil and iris. The bump Mike saw they "think" is just a bunch of blood vessels bunched up. They didn't think it was anything to be real concerned about but I still should take him to the eye doctor and have it checked out. They went ahead and prescribed him some ointment to put in his eye and finally let us go around 11:00 pm. I still had to get his medicine filled since they wanted me to put it in his eye as soon as we got home. That put us home around 11:30 pm!

I really didn't think Mac would want to go to school today but he wanted to go this morning. I personally think it was to brag to the other kids about his visit to the ER.

As you can probably guess I didn't get to work on my stitching last night. So, I am going to work on ATFE for a little while today and then work on Footprints later this evening.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a day you had... and even more of a night. Whew! You might want to take Mac to an optometrist, just for a second opinion, especially if it doesn't seem to get better. I always worry about the eyes. I hope that you are feeling better and that you are able to stitch today. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mac, but glad he's okay. Going to the ER is one of my least favorite things to do, especailly ones that are poorly run.

Unknown said...

I'm glad your little one is a bit better. Sitting in the ER is no fun.

Stitching Mama said...

I know exactly how you feel. Both my kiddos were sick this week with 103 fever and I hurt my back. They only went to school 2 days this week!!! No stitching here :(
Hope you are feeling better!!