Friday, January 12, 2007

A Happy Dance (Somewhat)

I finished my first piece for the year last night. It didn't exactly go as I had planned so its not much of a HD right now. My first problem that I ran into was the color of fabric I used at first. The colors of the design are kind of light and I used an oatmeal colored fabric....what was I thinking! I only got about 20 stitches in before I realized that the fabric was too light. No biggie, I have done that hundreds of times.

The brick wall that I ran into was the fabric I have for the design didn't look so great once it was finished and laying on it. So now I either have to stitch something else or go in search of some fabric that looks better. I have opted for stitching something else. So last night at 11pm, I was matching flosses to the fabric for a new pattern.

It's going to be a busy weekend for us. Allie turns 12 tomorrow. I can't believe that she is almost a teenager! Allie is planning on having a couple of girls spend the night. I am not sure if it will happen because we are expecting some nasty weather this weekend. Right now they are forecasting about an inch of ice between Sat and Sun.

Personally I love the winter time. When I was growing up in Iowa we used to get a lot of snow which meant a lot of snow days for the kids and parents. On those days, my brother and I would go out and have snowball fights usually with me losing and then when we got cold we would run into the house and get warmed by the wood burning stove while drinking hot chocolate. Ah, childhood memories. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Happy Stitching!!


BeckySC said...

Happy Birthday to Allie :)
I hope you get to have your friends over, Allie :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Allie :)

Mylene said...

Happy Birthday to Allie. Hope she'll(all) have a great time. Hugs.