Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SBQ of the Week

Do you dream of running your own LNS/ONS? If so, tell us about your dream. If not, tell us about your cross stitch dream… maybe you dream of designing, dyeing your own floss or fabric, etc.

I had to smile at this week's questions because I am constantly pointing out places that would be "perfect" for a cross stitch shop. Here is where is gets a little would be LNS and a pet shop all in one. I wouldn't have anything exotic just normal kittens and puppies.

I want the atomosphere to be relaxed and fun. I have been to some LNS that are quite stuffy and that makes me uncomfortable. I would also like for it to be somewhat kid friendly. I don't have much of a problem now, but when the kids were younger I always dreaded taking them with to the LNS. It's a dream. lol

I didn't get any fabric dyeing done last night. I forgot to buy some rubber gloves. Bummer! I did get some fabric cut for some other patterns. Yep, the tape measure showed my daughters' room of all places.

I did squeeze in some time to stitch on WF. I didn't get a lot done. I worked on the border on the right side. It's going slow but slow is better than nothing at all!

Christine-I hope you get to stitch on her again soon!


Lelia said...

LOL. Good combo -- pet shop & child friendly needlework store!

I have one pet that might be ok with stitchie stuff ... and, one pet that would be a menace around perle coton balls.

Enjoy the day. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the dye

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed by how many of us have the same dream! Makes me feel better, but it's kind of scary at the same time. :)