Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SBQ of the Week

I worked a little on The Fortunate Traveler today. I finished all the one over one cross stitching so now I am working on the one over one backstitching. I was pretty surprised at how fast I am getting the backstitching done in comparison to the full cross stitches.

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Today's SBQ is:

Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not,have you considered it?

I have been doing one over one stitching in 2 of my current WIP's (Woodland Faerie and The Fortunate Traveler). I don't mind to stitch over one because the pain is definitely worth the end result. I have found out that if I stitch over one for too long I end up giving myself a headache. So I tend to stitch a lot slower than I normally would.


~Harsha~ said...

its beautiful!!! keep it going..

zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on finishing the over one. Hopefully the rest goes well!

BeckySC said...

It sure is looking lovely, Dawn :) BEE careful and don't give yourself a headache!

hugs :)

AnneS said...

Dawn, your Fortunate Traveller is just stunning - awesome work!! :D