Saturday, March 04, 2006

I worked on Herbs & Spices last evening. I started and finished the red pepper. I would have worked on finishing the cinnamon and cloves but I am out of a color that is needed for it. That is twice that has happened to me this week so I guess I will have to make a run to the LNS for some DMC floss.

My plans for this weekend involve stitching and more stitching! I am planning on working on Our Days for a while today. Tomorrow I plan to start on Renee's RR. Since this is the last round in the RR I would like to get her fabric finished and mailed back to her as soon as I can.


Von said...

H&S is coming right along Dawn! Too bad you have to go to the lns for more floss, lol!!

Tobie said...

Wow, your projects are coming along so nicely. I really admire stitchers who work on and complete such large pieces! I suffer from some stitching ADHD and lose interest and get distracted. As pictures never do cross stitch justice, I can imagine they are more lovely in person too! Great work!