Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Glitter Surprise

Friday is my normal day for bill paying, shopping, etc. So when I got to the store I pulled out my shopping list, grabbed a cart, and was ready to deal with the crowds. I needed some body lotion as I had ran out the night before. I go to the usual spot to get it and to my horror there is an empty space with the word "discontinued" on the shelf! Ughh!

I am not one for experimenting on stuff but I decided to ahead and try a new lotion that I have been thinking about trying. Later that night after I took my bath I used the new lotion and was happy with it UNTIL I happened to notice that there is glitter in the lotion!! Double ughh! So it looks like I am going to have to get used to glitter for awhile or just go and buy something else. My girls are hoping I will go and buy some new lotion as they like the glitter lotion.

Yesterday I worked on Herb & Spices and just about done with the backstitching. I still have some straight stitches, lazy daisies, and french knots to do but I should have it done this week. Since I am caught up on my exchanges and RR's I have decided to go ahead and work on HS until it is finished. It shouldn't take me more than a day or two to finish it (I hope ). I am not for sure what I am going to put in the Friday slot yet.


Anne said...

Herbs and spices looking good. Yeah I hate it when things are discontinued or moved around on the shelf and you have to take time to find something else. May your day be a sparkling one. LOL.

Dianne said...

Well, you can certainly use the glittery stuff for special occasions like a night out. ; )
Sometimes I look of the web for a favorite product. That's where I found a hair product that my salon no longer carried.

Sasha Farina said...

oh glitters.. my girls would love that too LOL..

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate it when glitter sneaks up on you like that.