Monday, February 20, 2006

Our Days

I had a good stitching weekend! I finished Cathymk's present. I love how it turned out! I also finished the stitching on Becky's gift. I even figured out how I am going to finish it! I even got started on my mom's anniversary gift. I am starting to scare myself with being all caught up on my exchanges/RR's!

Here is the start of Our Days by Ursula Michael:
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Today I will be stitching on Woodland Faerie with Christine D. I really like this pattern but right now I am stitching the one over one and I feel like I am moving like a snail with this pattern. I know it will go faster once I finish the one over one stitching but it is just getting to that point that is taking forever.

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Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great start on this piece. Hopefully it stitches up quickly for you.

Good luck with all that over one stitching tonight:)