Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February/March Goals

February Goals:

1. Work on Woodland faerie
**yep, got her arms and most of her face done.
2. Work on A Time For Everything
**yep, almost finished the autumn scarecrow
3. Work on The Fortunate Traveler
** yep, almost done with the verse
4. Work on Deepest Love
**yep, finished most of her tail and some of her veil/wrap
5. Work on Herbs & Spices
6. Mail Melissa's present
**yep mailed 2/14
7. Mail AAS (Adopt A Stitcher) package to Harsha
**yep, mailed 2/24
8. Start on Cathymk's present
**yep and even finished and ready to mail
9. Finish Nicki's RR
**yep, finished 2/12
10 Start on Easter Exchange for Becky.
**yep finished and ready to mail

March Goals

1. Work on Woodland Faerie.
2. Work A Time For Everything.
3. Work on The Fortunate Traveler.
4. Work on Deepest Love.
5. Work on Herbs & Spices.
6. Work on Our Days. (anniversary gift)
7. Finish Easter Exchange.
8. Start on Summer package to Harsha.
9. Start/Finish Renee RR.
10. Start on Laurie RR.
11. Mail Easter Exchange.
12. Mail Renee RR fabric.
13. Mail Cathymk birthday gift.

I was able to put a little time in Woodland Faerie last night. I had wanted to finish all the one over one stitching but the frog visited and I had to rip out about half of what I had stitched. My kids said she looks like a zombie right now without her eyes and mouth done. LOL..I have to agree it looks a little creepy.

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Kim said...

I'm impressed at all your goals set and kept! You did a lot in February. :D

Your faerie is so pretty, it's coming along nicely.

Svenja said...

You are definately doing better with your goals than I am!
And your kids are right, she does look a bit creepy! :)

natty68 said...

Wow all your goals done.. Better than me..lol :)

Although I think you have given me an incentive to post mine on my blog now.. Hope you dont mind if I pinch your idea hon :-)


Mylene said...

Well done on your goals, Dawn!!!

zoeandcooper said...

Wow, you really did well on your goals this month. You have some really ambitious things going for next month:) Good luck!

Bastet said...

Wow! That's some goal list. I agree with your kids, she does look kinda creepy. With that vacant look and the out stretched arms....zombie would come to mind. But you have made some good progress.

Sew-in-Love said...

Well done, Dawn! Doesn't it feel fab when you reach all your goals like that? Not that I would know really as I'm always shooting too high and missing by miles!!!!!

Hugs, Elisabeth=)

Von said...

February was a great stitching month for you, Dawn!!
Had to laugh about your kids' zombie comment. :D My friend always stitches in the eyes first when working on a face as she just can't stand that vacant look. Doesn't bother me so much.