Thursday, February 09, 2006

January/February Goals

January Goals
1. Start TW Woodland Faerie SAL with Christine D.
**started 1/2/06
2. Start A Time For Everything SAL with Becky.
**started 1/3/06
3. Work on Fortunate Traveler.
**started 1/4/06
4. Start Mirabilia's Deepest Love
**started 1/5/06
5. Start Herbs & Spices
**started 1/6/06
6. Start/finish Melissa's present.
**started 1/7/06-finished 1/21/06
7. Start on Cathy's RR fabric
**started 1/21-finished 1/21/06-hand delivered to Renee on 1-27-06
8. Start on Lottery Exchange
**started 1/8/06-finished 1/16/06
9. Mail Renee's RR fabric to Laurie.
**mailed 1/13/06
10. Start on Adopt A Stitcher package for Harsha
**yep, adding something each week
11. Start on Nicki's RR fabric.
**barely made this on started on 1-31-06
12. Work on ABC Bears
**nope didn't even look at it
13. Finish my afghan
**nope didn't work on it

February Goals:
1. Work on Woodland faerie
2. Work on A Time For Everything
3. Work on The Fortunate Traveler
4. Work on Deepest Love
5. Work on Herbs & Spices
6. Mail Melissa's present
7. Mail AAS (Adopt A Stitcher) package to Harsha
8. Start on Cathymk's present
9. Finish
Nicki's RR
10 Start on Easter Exchange for Becky.

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Sasha Farina said...

awww... I'm so looking forward to it! :)