Saturday, May 07, 2005

Keeping Track

Today I completely finished all the cross stitching on International Buffet. I have even went ahead and started the backstitching on it. I am really proud of this one as it is my first good experience with eavenweave. I am stitching on 28 count eavenweave. I used 2 strands on all cross stitches except for the hair which I used 3 strands to stitch. As for the backstitching I am using 1 strand, although I think 2 strands would be a little better. Oh well, I will make my little change it note for the pattern when I do it again someday.

Since I am almost finished with this piece I think I will gather up my floss for my next project A Year of Dreamsicles. I am going to do the month of November which just happens to be the month I was born. With this project I am going to try to keep track of how long it takes me to stitch in hours. I bought a small notebook to help me keep accurate track of the time it takes from start to finish. Since tomorrow is Mother's day what a better day to start a new pattern. We are going out to eat for lunch tomorrow and after that I should get a good bit of stitching done.

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Renee said...

looks good! :) Happy Mother's Day to my favorite mother (except my own mother of course ;))